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© Rebecca Gilpin, 2019

Strange Brew


This series of paintings is inspired by things that have been on my mind recently. The initial ideas came about when listening to Cream, the archetypal sixties rock band, whilst painting.

I am thinking about what it feels like to be British at the moment. We live in a world where we borrow from different times and cultures. We look back and far afield.
As an admirer of sixties nostalgia and pop culture, I am looking at the music of this time and how it brought freedom and expanded minds.

I haven’t really related to many musicians in my generation and I find comfort in the past . Mick Jagger, when asked in an interview what makes him dissatisfied, answered ”the generation which runs my life.” Nothing ever changes, which I can relate to.

I find myself observing times in the past using music to contextualise my work, but through my medium, painting.

My work aims to give that feeling of escapism as it helps me escape. In all my pieces I am looking for the relationship between art and music however tenuous. The colours I use are evocative of sunsets, as for me sunsets represent pure escapism. They are a reminder that despite the daily stresses of the modern world, they can stop us in our tracks and fill us with wonder.

Part 1.

150cm x 120cm

Oil on Canvas

160cm x 120cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Part 2.

Part 3.

120cm x 150cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Part 4.

120cm x 150cm

Acrylic on Canvas

To enquire about any of the pieces above please contact me