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© Rebecca Gilpin, 2019

Soho, London

I paint because I enjoy being immersed in the pleasure of the physicality of the medium.  As a musician (bass player) I try to keep with me the medium of sound, in a way that means the colours and scale of the work somehow reflect the acoustic dimension of my world.  Colour and its impact live with me.  As someone for whom the everyday is a journey, through a jumble of colour, sound and the sensibilities of communication I want my work to bring energy and joy to others.


My work aims to provoke the same sensations that listening to powerful music can evoke. 


Three years ago, my work was no larger than images on an envelope, however now it occupies the large spaces on walls of a dimension equivalent to the impact I want it to have.  It is bold, it is loud, it is provocative. I want it to convey my personality, in which the spirit behind it is free and full of enquiry.   I do not need for it to be seen as complicated or demanding, I would rather it be considered open, direct and honest.


I was recently featured in the Evening Standard magazine promoting my latest show 'Strange Brew.'

You can also find me on SAATCHI ART